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Orvium is designed as an open source and provides a decentralized platform that unlocks the full potential of a fair and transparent market. They aim to address the inefficiency in the scientific revolution such as unnecessary fees, misalignment of interest and content copyrights. This platform provides unalterable and independent process that allows zero delay publication, ownership and authorship of scientific content.

Submission and revisions of peer reviews, user license changes and all other public activities are kept in this blockchain service for easy traceability. Overall, the founding team established a blockhain service that provides excellent features for stakeholders in terms of transparent peer review, decentralized journals and collaborative management with Big Data Analytics.

Token sale completed on 01 January
Goal: $20,000,000 
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Know Your Customer

Manuel Martin
Co-Founder & Senior Project Leader

Manuel Martin is the Senior project leader and a blockchain expert who had gathered enough experience working in the world's largest and powerful experimental facility at the CERN's Large Hardon Collider. In addition, he also has collaborated with the US Department of Energy, GSI and NASA.

Antonio Romero
Co-Founder & Technology Solution Architect

Antonio Romero is the technology solution architect that have collaborated with other organizations such as the GSI, EMBL-EBL and Fermilab. He has hastened the machine learning solutions and the advanced predictive-maintenance for CERN accelerator.

Roberto Rabasco
Co-Founder & Application and Cloud Technology Expert

Roberto Rabasco is the last founder and considered as an application and cloud technology expert of Orvium. With his 10 years experience working in different software company such as Just Eat and Asos Ltd and Deutsche Telekom, he was able to build his own software.


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