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Geeq Chain is a platform designed for blockchain validation that is more reliable and secure than Bitcoin and Ethereum. It can simply be described as Blockchain 3.0 and uses a protocol called Proof of Honesty which protects users from malfunctions in blockchain. This is regardless of whether the malfunctions are intentional or not. Geeq Chain has been designed from the ground up as a system that consists of fully interoperabnle, federated chains.
Goal: $17,000,000 
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Ric Asselstine
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ric is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Geeq Project. Ric had his first start-up in internet software way back in 1995 and since then he has been aware of technology’s potential. He graduated with degrees from Wilfred Laurier University (BBA) and the University of Windsor (MBA).

John P. Conley
Chief Economist and Founder

Chief Economist and a co-founder of the Geeq Project. He is an expert in public economic theory, game theory, mathematical economics and mechanism design. He has been focusing most of his research on the economics of information and communications technology for the last 10 years.

Stephanie So
Chief Development Officer and Founder

Chief Development Officer and the 3 rd co-founder of the company. She is a policy analyst and economist by training. Stephanie has always worked with the goal of integrating her domain expertise with advances in the realm of technology. She believes that GeeqChain can be used to fully align incentives for organizations and people of all types.

Darryl Patterson
Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Chief Technology Officer and the 4 th co-founder of the Geeq Project. He has been coding since he was 12 and began his career as a professional coder in 1993. He has been involved in developing IoT solutions way before it was even considered a term. He is highly skilled in many programming languages and environments, such as MongoDB, PHP, Golang, and NodeJS among others.

Lun-Shin Yuen
Chief Architect

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