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Celer Network

Blockchain Service

The platform is described as a coherent technology and economic architecture. The primary function of Celer Network is to bring in internet scale to both existing and future blockchains by way of off-chain scaling techniques.

The company is on a mission to completely unleash the full power and potential of blockchain and change the way of how decentralized apps are built and utilized.

Goal: $34,500,000 
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Dr. Mo Dong

one of the co-founders of Celer Network who received his Ph.D from UIUC. He was also a product manager and founding engineer of Veriflow where he specialized in network formal verification. Dr. Dong is an expert in applying algorithmic gaming theory to protocol design.

Dr. Junda Liu

the second co-founder of Celer Network who received his Ph.D from UC Berkeley. He worked on Google’s data center networking infrastructure in 2011 and was an Android Tech Lead for carrier services which serves an estimated 1.5 billion users.

Dr. Xiaozhou Li

the third co-founder who has a Ph.D. from Princeton University. Dr. Li’s works have been published in many premier venues in the field of networking, storage, data management, and distributed systems. They are all core components of Barefoot Deep Insight, Google Tensorflow, and Intel DPDK.

Dr. Qinkai Lang

the fourth co-founder who received his degree from the prestigious MIT. Dr. Lang’s works focus more on learning and control problems that sometimes arise in networking systems, especially those found in online algorithms in adversarial networks.

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