Bitcoin 271.84
$8,629.72 3.15%
Ethereum 6.05
$167.46 3.61%
Zcash 4.45
$55.25 8.06%
Monero 2.09
$64.27 3.25%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.17%
Stellar 0.00
$0.06 1.75%
Aeryus serves as a complete, non-fungible blockchain network for all types of digital currencies. They have developed a way to bring more purchasing power to the realm of digital currency and make it available for everyone. By using their SmartCardz AI system, Aeryus have discovered an easy-to-use method for figuring out how to check on a user’s cryptocurrency balance. This innovation is designed to boost consumer confidence and spur use to better expand business.
Goal: $1,800,000  (15,000 ETH)
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Nicholus Andrews
Chief Disruptor/President/CEO

The President, CEO, Chief Disruptor and founder of Aeryus. His technology career started with the United States Department of Defense where he led and designed projects involving complex computational clustered supercomputers. In 2010, Nicholus began exploring blockchain technology and his fondness of it would eventually lead him to starting Aeryus in 2017.

Jamie Restrepo
CFO/Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer of Aeryus. He has more than 30 years of experience in finance and accounting, and has also been involved in many projects in different roles. He has a proven track record and has earned a solid reputation for being loyal and dedicated to any team he works for.

Alan Goodman
Chief Brand Levitator

The Chief Brand Levitator for Aeryus. Alan knows a thing or two about marketing success because he was a part of the team that gave us MTV. He, along with then partner Fred Seibert, helped create the MTV logo that has become engrained in pop culture. He spent more than 30 years with MTV Networks and looks to deliver the same success to Aeryus.

Olga Hall
Chief Operating Officer
Rob Cline
Chief Creative Director
Cindi de Vosjoli-Novak
Chief Creative Strategist
Lawrence Schweiker
Chief Legal Officer
Hector Lorenzo
Executive VP/Community Engagement

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